Culture Night Art in My Home

After the success of our online festival 2020 Vision exhibition, we are pleased to announce Art in My Home has returned for Culture night 2020. Have a look at our news for more details and the wonderful exhibition from May, and do visit out FaceBook page for latest information on exhibitions, events and to ask any questions about getting involved for 2021.

Art in my Home is an exhibition celebrating the art you have around you in your home. Whilst stuck inside, and seeing the same walls day in day out, perhaps the art in your home has become more noticeable. Perhaps that art makes you feel something in your heart! Do you feel happy looking at one? Annoyed at another, exhilarated? At Peace? Which ones have you suddenly noticed? Which ones do you wish were there that are not? Are your walls blank? Is your art your garden? We put paintings and artworks around our homes and gardens but in the speedy pace of our usual living we barely glance at them or think about who made them. Now we sit for hours looking, noticing, shifting them around even, and we are often proud of them or they make us feel a certain way. This is why we would love you to share them with us. To celebrate the art you live with.

We asked artists and friends and all who visit our FaceBook page to make a slideshow to celebrate the art in their home. Come and see wonderful slideshows people have made from their art in their home.

Of course in light of the current Covid-19 situation, we were sad to announce the cancellation of the 2020 Midleton Arts Festival. We hope to bring you most of the special events in our 2021 festival but in the meantime we are planning a spectacular fire show event for when we are able to gather again. It will be a free celebration with a drum circle and an evening of free events for the town to symbolically burn it all away. We hope to see you there and we will keep you updated on our Facebook page. Please visit us there and feel free to share any art works or ideas with us!

Below is an image we asked a young local artist to create for the 2020 T-shirt.

Image created for MAF by Rose Date (15) from Colman’s Community College

festival 2020 vision

Our festival is a celebration of our community and its relationship with art. With so many talented artists in the area and wonderful art teachers in the schools, creativity is bubbling in East Cork throughout the year. MAF creates an opportunity to showcase, share and express this ongoing creativity during the mid May arts festival.

Our theme is 2020 Vision, our slogan is “I am biodegradable” We are aiming to do no poster printing, use an app for information, extend the Saturday market to celebrate and investigate the local food artisans, growers and sustainable possibilities for Midleton.

We want people to be involved. We would love all artists and creatives to spend time together during the festival. We hope to create a space for artists to create and bounce ideas around, get inspired, meet new friends. The organisers are volunteers, so there is very little time and funding for us to organise every event but if you have something you can offer, and it suits to present it during May 17-19, we will advertise and support you and guide you to the best place to set up/perform/exhibit/pop up.

Join the team, make an event, and let’s make a 2020 Vision happen!

A group of us met as part of One World Week to start the ball rolling for MAF2020, and here is the lovely video shot by Kara Sweeney to get you started with ideas or be enticed to join one of our idea teams.


What a glorious festival we had in May 2019! Captured so beautifully by East Cork filmmaker Kara Sweeney of Twenty4Films.

The Vibrant Artists Community of Midleton and Surrounds come together in mid-May to present their work, experiment, stretch imaginations and raise the spirits of the local community. Feel the town buzz the minute you step foot on the street. Expect the unexpected and bring your friends and family along to take part in the many activities! Magical May events for all ages; children’s busking competition, make art on the street, great exhibitions, music, meditative dance, drumming circle, poetry, film, bohemian discussions, outstanding theatre. There really is something for everyone in Midleton’s Arts Festival.

“Tread Lightly” is our theme for 2019. Midleton is a town full of welcoming artists and visionaries and artists and exhibitions will focus attention on the environment through Land Art, with intimate creations to huge recycled-material-filled willow fish, a Fire show ‘Firestorm’ by Inferno late on Saturday night will thrill you, the huge drumming circle around the Kindred Spirits Feather Sculpture will raise your spirits, pop up events and improvised moments will excite and inspire. This festival is a place for you to feel free and inspired and creative. 

For artists, the festival gives a platform to display art in the Shop Front Gallery along the whole Main Street and in other surprising places around the town and Land Artist Gerry Barry will be creating a special piece in Midleton at the Baby’s Walk.

Nice One, to the creators and organisers of Midleton Arts Festival. The weekend was so amazing and such a great display of the talent and creativity so abundant here in East Cork…..there was something for everyone to see and do and the energy in the town was phenomenal. This is an ideal forum for ECMP participants to express themselves and demonstrate their creative capacities….Thank you all for organising such a Fabulous Festival!!!

Clare Seymour/project coordinator ECMP

I saw so many beautiful people dreamers, artists , moms, dads , brothers and sisters , drummers, youth workers , the young people and older wise warriors who all come together in a shared humanity! It was really an amazing thing to stand back from and witness. Well done Ilse de Ziah. A beautiful day for Midleton and for Humanity….John Wayne McSweeney

One of the best events I was ever at in Midleton. What an experience. Bravo Midleton Arts Festival. Fergus McCarthy

Well done thanks for streaming it. I could see it from the hospital in cork. You folks rock!‪ Cormac Brenock

Great festival. As has been said already there really was something for everyone. Looking forward to next year already. Congratulations to all involved.‪ Paul Casey

Everyone looks great. Midleton is so lucky to have all this talent. Keep it up guys. Clare Buckley

This was really super yesterday. The street came alive with music. Well done to all the buskers – fab Claire O Sullivan