Climate Aware Midleton

Event Details

The Midleton Climate Aware will hold a Community stall in the market.

The theme of the day ties in with the festival theme “flow of the wild” where we will embrace the story of the salmon of knowledge and the journey through the river as he nibbles on the sacred essence of the hazel tree. We will be sending out little surprise tokens through the stalls and some lucky customers will receive potted hazel trees to be planted in the autumn. The stall will be decorated to show off the beauty of the wild that is ever present. 

Come and have a look, see if you can find the surprise tokens, and have a chat to the group. New members are very welcome to this group of community spirited people. It is a wonderful and ever growing group of people who want to help Midleton become a vanguard for Climate Change for the rest of Ireland!

note: The Midleton Farmers’ Market is trading “as normal” during restrictions, and the traders recognise that they are privileged to have been able to remain open while other businesses in town had to close. We sincerely appreciate your continued custom and hope our food brings you pleasure and sustenance during these difficult times.

However please note, it is essential that customers and visitors play their part in protecting themselves, other customers and traders when they visit the market. 

No food is to be consumed on the premises, please take it home. Masks are mandatory, and queues and socialising in the market should be avoided.