(Dis) orderly, a Process/Procession

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Along the Themes of the Secret Spaces, Secret Places Theme of the festival this year, Jessica Bonenfant Coogan of Greywood Arts Killeagh, has created a dance/street performance work specially for the 2018 festival. Jess has done amazing work in Killeagh, bringing art into the community and reawakening the towns traditional May Day event. Keep an eye out on Sunday after the choir event and down the other end of town an hour later… Jess will also be doing solo street performance on Saturday around 11am.

(Dis)orderly, a Process/Procession
A Street Performance
by Jessica Bonenfant Coogan & Lisa Cahill
Keep your eyes wide:
11:00 -12:00 (ish) Along Main Street
10:30 – 11:15 near My Place
12:30 – 13:15 between Coppinger’s & St. John the Baptist
Sources / Inspiration:
– Georgia O’Keefe
– Bodily autonomy
– Plant anatomy
– Objectification
– Norse mythology: a dís (“lady”, plural dísir) is a ghost, spirit or deity associated with fate who can be either benevolent or antagonistic towards mortals.
– Process:
1. a series of actions or steps
2. A summons to court
3. Emanate – come or send forth
4. To move forward
Paradox, enigma