Gifting Stones

Event Details

Visit the Gifting Stones Stall and make your own with Annie

Gifting stones has become a global craze, which involves decorating stones and leaving them around the community for others to find. Come join us outside the Courthouse and design and decorate your gifting stone. When you paint a rock, write #MAF on the back of the rock and  keep an eye out for your stone on social media. See where yours ends up! Don’t forget to post photos of the stones that you find too, then their designer can see where they have ended up!

You can also write ‘post a photo’ and ‘re-hide’ as we love to see the rocks turn up in different places. (You can then varnish so the paint doesn’t come off.)

Then you need to go out and hide your rocks!  Places where children go are best; around the town, parks, public gardens, around schools and libraries.