Street Art Launch

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Street Micro-Art Launch

Meet at the Library to Kick off the festival with a wander through town with the festival team and Lisa Zagone, who we are proud to present as our artist in residence for 2018. She will be shining a light on Midleton’s Secret Spaces with her quirky and fantastical view of the world by creating a micro-art installation to come across, discover and be suprised by on and off the Main Street. You might even see her creating new scenes during the festival on Saturday.

  • Lisa Zagone Micro Art Exhibition – tiny works hidden in laneways and walls. Discover a miniature and hidden world of Midleton’s stories and people. Visit the walled area near Ramen noodles for an incredible tiny discovery. Peer into the walls around the market place entrances for tiny Arts Festival visitors! Get your kids to find the tiniest little scenes imaginable!!