The Quiet Club in Plugd Sunday

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  • Venue: Plugd

The Quiet Club – The Telepathic Lockdown Tapes

Listening is and always has been at the core of The Quiet Club’s (Danny McCarthy and Mick O’Shea) work, combined with their policy of not discussing the work before or after it’s performance has been the hallmark of their practice. Unable to listen to each other perform during the Covid-19 lockdowns the duo resorted to Telepathic Listening. Uninterested in Zoom, Facetime etc. the duo decided to each perform in their own separate studio’s 20km apart at a given time on appointed days for 20 minutes at a time. Nine tapes were recorded between 4th and 29th June 2020 using reference points including Joyce and Cage. Tapes 1-8 are available on Farpoint Recording. Some of this material became an installation in Lismore Castle and Tape 9 was released on Café Oto’s TakuRoku label during December 2020.