A vibrant artists community living in Midleton and surrounds come together each mid-May to present their work, experiment, stretch imaginations and raise the spirits of the local community. Expect the unexpected, feel the town buzz the minute you step foot on the street and bring your friends and family along to take part in the many activities on offer.

Take art trails through Midleton, listen to music in the market, or book reading in the bookstore, try your hand at drawing, sculpture, visit the festival club to brush shoulders with local creators, discover hidden gems and unknown corners of the town, make a mask, dance and sip cocktails at a Masked Jazz Ball.

For children, the festival enriches their lives by giving them ways to playfully engage in art events in a way that entertains, inspires, and gives a chance to make new friends. Favourites are the junkyard playground, clay making, and even conducting an orchestra. Film screenings provide a space for children to showcase their films and animations and workshops leading up to the festival lead to their artworks being exhibited.

For artists, the festival gives a platform to display art in shop fronts and galleries along the whole Main Street and in other surprising places around the town.