Wayne McSweeney

“Music allows us to deviate from the norm and it is there that progress becomes possible”.
Wayne McSweeney has been using music to reach people for over 30 years. He travelled around Europe and the USA for many years and played support to such artists as Padraig Parker, Jerry Fish, The Alley boys, Cyclefly, The Sons of Steve McQueen, Noel Redding, Jack O Rourke and many more. Wayne currently works with the East Cork Music Project and with the East Cork Music Collective, a non-profit that teaches music and Mindfulness to adults and children. An advocate for mental health education, Wayne believes in the power of the arts to transform and its importance in teaching young people to express themselves in ways that allow them to focus on the positive aspects of their lives. Last year for the MMF his “Dads heart” installation distributed 100 ceramic hearts (Made by Lucie Parle) to people on the street in Midleton and each person was asked to write a note or draw a picture for their dad. These pictures will be compiled into a book and put on public display very soon!
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