Book a place for Cruinniu Na Nog 10 June 2023

From 11am – 1pm

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This event begins with a guided inquiry and exploration of the sounds, smells, colours, textures, temperatures, of things in the woods. By paying close attention to details that often go unnoticed, a whole new world is opened up for the imagination. This becomes the jumping off point to collect natural materials, and to then create an art work. Anything that occurs is encouraged; participants can make patterns, fantasy landscapes, mini gardens, little creatures. This may be something built together as a group or individual creations, depending on ideas developed in the first inquiry phase. Participants are encouraged to build a story as they collect and create, and the stories are then shared, and added to by use of movement, sound and other elements in the woods. Take a journey into the imagination without devices. Laugh, discover, and make friends.

Belinda Walsh and Ilse de Ziah have been developing their (art and nature centered) practice with young people through their work as artistic directors of Midleton Arts Festival, and through classes and events in local schools. They have created this gentle workshop to take advantage of the huge benefits of immersing oneself in nature. The aim is to encourage and guide children to develop a strong connection with their local environment through art. This event is a continuation of their work and is intended as a pilot for a regular gathering to encourage parents to spend more time with their children in outdoor activities, especially in the beautiful local woods.

This interactive workshop will inspire and encourage children to leave their devices, get out into nature and relax.

To our supporters and sponsors who have given so generously. They help make Midleton Arts Festival 2023 a wonderful celebration of art, creativity and life!

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The Midleton Arts Festival is a vibrant and welcoming weekend which aims to promote, express and celebrate creativity. The workshops and events offer a chance to join in with the art that happens locally throughout the year. There are opportunities to try new art forms and be involved with others in the community. Things to do and see that will inspire and enrich. The Main Street comes alive with art filled shop fronts, impromptu performances, busking, open studios and film installations. The festival is a highly enjoyable experience whether you are participating actively or just chilling out listening, watching, exploring. The festival features all facets of the arts for all ages including film, a creative playground, fine art, sculpture, craft, music, dance, literature, poetry and drama. Midleton Arts Festival aims to promote and present art as a catalyst for change and growth and as a wonderful way to explore, share, reflect and express yourself.

A mid-May celebration of the arts. Bringing art to the community.

“Midleton Arts Festival is rapidly emerging as one of County Cork’s leading Arts Festivals. With its strong emphasis on making the arts accessible for all, it brings together great artists and great audiences to enjoy and participate in a programme of events that range from the cutting edge of contemporary art to the traditional” Ian McDonagh, Arts Officer, Cork County Council

If you are interested in being a volunteer during the festival, or if you are an artist who would like to be involved in future festivals, please contact us via the form or


If you have any other queries about the festival you can let us know here too.
The festival is for all the community and we hope you feel included in the celebrations!

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Maya Buckley, aged 9, from Cloyne pictured at the official opening of the Midleton Arts Festival Pic: Diane Cusack