Ger Wolfe and Special Guest Sean Kelleher

ger wolfe

Midleton Arts Festival with the collaboration of Skylark Music presents an intimate gig with GER WOLFE, with special guest SEÁN KELLEHER, join us on another magic night in An Seomra.

The event will be held in “An Seomra”, the quiet room at the back of Wallis’ bar, on the second Tuesday of May.
This is a platform for music lovers to enjoy live original music performed by its creators. It is an opportunity to join a culture of live music appreciation that is witnessing a revival.
The success of the last showcases is proof of that.

There will be a cover charge of €12 to pay musicians and to cover the cost of this event, the likes of which is much needed in Midleton.


Doors will open at 7.45pm and the event will kick off at 8:00 pm SHARP.
Please come and be part of the next showcase.

Mask Making

We are delighted with the new posters, flyers, postcards and schedules that arrived from the printers last week. To celebrate, a few of the MAF artists got together to make cardboard masks and headed down to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday to distribute some of the postcards. Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop and chat with us. We received wonderful support from the people at the market and we hope to meet everyone again during the festival.

Jack O’Rouke

We are happy to announce that JACK O’ROURKE will perform two gigs in An Seomra in the New Year. Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th of January. Admission €12. Tickets will be available in Wallis Bar next week

Tickets are expected to sell out fast so order youur tickets early to avoid disappointment. What a great Xmas present these tickets would make, so treat yourself or someone else to an intimate winter gig with JACK O’ROURKE

Drumming at Kindred Spirits Sculpture

John Wayne McSweeney is looking for a number of drummers ( or people who like to drum or just bang on things and want to be part of something very special) to take part in a drum circle at the Kindred Spirits structure in Midleton, Cork. It will be an event to honor of the Choctaw first nation tribe who’s contribution to the Irish people in the 1840’s and the memory of that gift is enshrined in our history and our hearts! In addition, we are inviting all the people who now call Ireland home to come and represent your country and culture …We are many and we are diverse! This event will take place in May 2017 during the Midleton arts festival! A special invitation to any members of any of the first nations people now living in Ireland to come join us!