History Talk and Live Music Event

The event took place in Midleton library, also known as “The Market House”, the oldest civic building in Midleton and so a historic icon in town. The talk was about the building itself explaining the local history and transformation along the four centuries since it was built.

Tony Harpur introduced the event by introducing the four-piece band, John Cronin and friends, who played a beautiful Irish traditional tune.

Tony proceeded by giving a history talk full of facts with bits of humour that held the audience’s attention all the way to the end.

The band played two more tunes before the audience asked for one more so the event finished with one more tune.

All seats were taken and the public response was very good.

The event lasted over an hour, it was free of charge and family friendly.

Big thanks to Tony Harpur, John Cronin and friends, and Midleton Library staff who so kindly provided invaluable help.

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