Poster and Sign Competition

Midleton Arts Festival poster and sign competition

For the 2019 Festival we invite you, your group, or class, to make a poster or sign that can be displayed around town leading up to and during the festival.

Make it out of natural materials, recycled materials or drawn, painted, sculpted.

Get creative! Win a prize! €200 in prizes.

First prize: €100

Second and Third prizes: €50 each

Help us fulfil our 2019 festival theme of TREAD LIGHTLY!Untitled design

Submissions must be sturdy enough for display. Calling for a selection of posters for windows, large constructions for the roundabout, for Main Street posts and road entrances to Midleton. Waterproof for outdoor posters and signs.

Information must include festival name, dates, and can follow the theme TREAD LIGHTLY

  • Midleton Arts Festival
  • May 17th-19th

Or other formats:

  • MAF19/ MAF
  • 17-19 May / 17,18,19 May/ May 17,18,19

To register please email us by April 1st with your name, name of group, contact number, email, and approximate number of posters or signs you will make (for schools)

Please complete your poster/sign and drop it to the Halflight Gallery from May 1st. Alternatively hang or install your poster/sign somewhere around Midleton and surrounds from May 1st. Must be safely installed. Ask permission from anyone involved or call us to check first.

To be in the chance to win, let us know by email where you hang it, and send a photo so we can share it on social media for the voting process. 

Make a difference

Add to the Festival

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Contact number: 0864145445


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