Junk Couture Fashion Parade!

Hey get ready to strut your stuff! We are preparing for a Junk Couture Fashion Show for MAF2020 with clothes made from recycled material, bio material, plants, newspaper and more. Get sewing or tying, melting or wiring and make your gorgeous creation!  Get a friend to model it or take to the runway yourself! First prize €300!! and other exciting runners up prizes. Fabulous guest judges and MC, dancers and DJ. Show on a professional catwalk in MyPlace. May 16th. Teens and adults show. Two categories, Junk Couture: using anything recycled, found, natural (no buying new plastics or any food please!) and the Charity Chop Challenge: use €20 maximum to spend on charity shop items and make your fabulous outfit out of only these items. As with the Junk Couture competition you can model your outfit yourself or create it for a friend to take to the catwalk runway! This part of the fashion show will be judged by the audience by clapometer!

Register NOW! by emailing info@midletonartsfestival.com Please share! 

Trash and Fashion Junk Couture fashion show call out!

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